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To quickly manufacture a cheap armored car after the German invasion of the Soviet Union, an armored body was placed on the GAZ-64 jeep, creating the open-topped BA-64. While the BA-64 did not have particularly impressive specifications, it provided a cheap supplement to the earlier armored cars, such as the BA-10. As the improved version of the GAZ-64, the GAZ-67B became available, BA-64 production shifted to this chassis with an enclosed turret, under the designation BA-64B.

Production continued until 1946, with 9110 BA-64 and BA-64B and variants built. It continued in service until 1960.

Technical Details

  BA-64 BA-64DShK
  • Commander
  • Driver
Physical Characteristics
Weight 2.36 t
Length 3.66 m
Width 1.69 m
Height 1.89 m
Armour (range) 4-15 mm
Speed (road) 80 km/h
Primary weapon 7.62 mm DT (1) 12,7 mm DShK (1)


Rear a BA-64, without turret.
Field modification, replacing the turret with a 14.5 mm PTRD anti-tank rifle.
Converted for use in show.
Rear view, as above.

Further Reading


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