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Sturmmörser Tiger


The idea for a heavy assault mortar first appeared in March 1943, as an entirely new vehicle. It was later decided that the mortar should be mounted on the chassis of the Tiger I, mounting a modified 380 mm anti-submarine rocket launcher.

Due to design issues and delays, the first Sturmmörser Tiger were not completed until until August 1944. Rather than building a seperate vehicles, Tiger chassis sent back from the front for repairs were modified with a fixed armored superstructure. A total of 18 vehicles were built, the final five being completed in December 1944.

Three seperate assault mortar companies were created, the first two of which saw action during the Ardennes offensive.

Technical Details

Sturmmörser Tiger
  • Commander
  • Gunner
  • Loader
  • Driver
  • Radio operator
Physical Characteristics
Weight 65 t
Length 6.28 m
Width 3.57 m
Height 2.85 m
Armour (range) 25-150 mm
Speed (max) 37.5 km/h
Speed (road) 30 km/h
Speed (cross-country) 25 km/h
Engine Maybach HL 230 P45
Net h.p. 700
Cylinders 12
Displacement 23000 cc
Primary weapon 38 cm Stu M (1)
Secondary weapon
  • 7,92 mm MG 34 (1)
  • 7,92 MG 42 (1)


Knocked out Sturmmörser Tiger.
Same vehicle as above.
Captured Sturmmörser Tiger
Front ant left side.

Further Reading


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